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Interactive Games

Interactive Games
  • Velcro Wall

    Velcro Wall

    Dimensions: 22'L x 12'W x 13'H Defy the law of gravity as you and your guests hang high above the ground on our amazi…



  • Sumo Suits & Pads

    Sumo Suits & Pads

    Clearance Needed: 20'W x 20'L  Sumo Suits are for the people that want to laugh non-stop at their next party! U…


  • Bungee Run

    Bungee Run

    Dimensions: 10'W x 30'L   The Bungee Run is an excellent outdoor entertainment option for both kids and adults! …



  • Carnival 5 in 1

    Carnival 5 in 1

    Dimensions: 30'W x 14'H Clearance Needed: 40'W x 15'H  Party goers will love this 5 in 1 carnival game! It featur…


  • Boxing Ring

    Boxing Ring

    Dimensions: 15'W x 15'L x 10'H The Ultimate Boxing Ring is perfect for almost all ages. This inflatable game is great…



  • 3 in 1 Sports Challenge

    3 in 1 Sports Challenge

    Dimensions: 18'W x 16'L x 13'H The 3 in 1 Sports Challenge is a great attraction to feature at sporting events, com…


  • Axe Throw

    Axe Throw

    New Unit! Must call for Pricing.



  • Giant Twister Game

    Giant Twister Game

    Dimensions: 15'W x 15'L   Bend, Twist, Stretch! This clever new twist on an old classic game is perfect for any o…


  • Floating Ball Challenge

    Floating Ball Challenge

    New Unit! Must call for procing.


  • Gladiators!


    New Unit! Must call for pricing.



  • Snowman's Dance Dome

    Snowman's Dance Dome

    Make your Holiday Party the talk of the town with this amazing Dance Dome from Jumper Man Party Rentals. Part of our …


  • Round Disco Cake

    Round Disco Cake

    Take your next dance party to a whole new level with the Round Disco Cake! Guests can dance and bounce within this in…


  • Inflatable Joust

    Inflatable Joust

    Dimensions: 20'W x 20'L Two joust players can challenge each other as they each climb up onto their own pedestal, usi…


  • Zorb-Balls


    Clearance Needed: 30'W x 30'L Take a roll in our giant inflatable balls across any smooth surface! Be ready for a wil…



  • Jacobs Ladder

    Jacobs Ladder

    Dimensions: 18'W x 24'L x 10'H Jacobs Ladder is a true test of balance and coordination. Participants struggle to see…


  • Soccer Game

    Soccer Game

    Dimensions: 7'W x 19'L x 10'H  The inflatable Soccer Goal Target Game is simple, yet challenging for all ages. T…



  • Basketball Game

    Basketball Game

    Dimensions: 15'W x 16'L x 13'H This inflatable basketball game lets two players compete to see who can make the most…


  • Football Game

    Football Game

    Dimensions: 12'W x 10'L x 10'H The Inflatable Football Game is an exciting game that lets players young and old show…


  • Hockey Game

    Hockey Game

    Dimensions: 12'W x 10'L x 10'H Can you shoot the puck past the goalie? Test your skills with our inflatable hockey g…



  • Baseball Toss

    Baseball Toss

    Dimensions: 11'W x 13'L x 14'H This product is great for sporting events or fundraisers! Participants test their v…


  • Wrecking Ball

    Wrecking Ball

    Dimensions: 18'W x 18'L You will have so much fun trying to knock your friends off of their pedestal in this 4 person…


  • Pony Hops

    Pony Hops

    Here’s the chance to be your own jockey and race your pony or just bounce around. These inflatable Pony Hop's are bou…



  • Wrestling Ring

    Wrestling Ring

    Dimensions: 13'W x 13'L Put your WWE moves to the test in our brand new wrestling ring!  RESIDENTIAL DISCOUNT IS …


  • Tee-Ball Batting Game

    Tee-Ball Batting Game

    Dimensions: 11'W x 19'L x 9'H  Batter up! Step up to the plate and whack the ball out of the park or through the hol…


  • Mount Everest

    Mount Everest

    Dimensions: 30'W x 30'L x 30'H The Inflatable Mount Everest is a one of a kind rock wall that is sure to be a hit at…


  • Human FoosBall

    Human FoosBall

    Dimensions: 20'W x 43'L x 8'H Two teams strap themselves to the foosball bars and battle it out until there’s a wi…


  • Shoot & Score Connect Four

    Shoot & Score Connect Four

    Dimensions: 9'W x 12'L x 12'H Test your gaming strategy and shooting ability with this awesome latest addition to ou…


  • Lava Pit

    Lava Pit

    Dimensions: 26'W x 26'L x 14'H   



  • Santa's Dance Dome

    Santa's Dance Dome

    Make your Holiday Party the talk of the town with this amazing Dance Dome from Jumper Man Party Rentals. Part of our …


  • Interactive Arena

    Interactive Arena

    Dimensions: 16'W x 22'L x 11'H Go head to head in the ARENA! This inflated futuristic dome uses an interactive play…


  • Zap-A-Mole


    Dimensions: 8'W x 4'L x 6'H There it is! Zap it! Now over there! Hit it! Few games are as fast-paced and exciting …



  • VIP Dance Dome

    VIP Dance Dome

    Dimensions: 23'W x 23'L x 17'H Take your next dance party to a whole new level with the VIP Dance Dome! Guests can …


  • Shooting Maze

    Shooting Maze

    Dimensions: 25'W x 25'L x 4.5'H Don’t get lost in our incredible inflatable maze! Navigating turn after turn, tryin…


  • Summer Wipe Out!

    Summer Wipe Out!

    Dimensions: 21'W x 39'L x 12'H An obstacle course unlike any other! Designed to challenge and entertain, this giant i…


  • Human Whack-a-Mole

    Human Whack-a-Mole

    Dimensions: 14'W x 14'L x 6'H Try your hand – or your mallet – at this new, life sized version of Whack-a-Mole! …


  • 2 Lane Skee Ball!

    2 Lane Skee Ball!

    Dimensions: 10′W x 15'L x 10'H Just like the classic arcade game, this inflatable version plays just like the ori…


  • Interactive Cones

    Interactive Cones

    Test your dexterity as you and an opponent race against the clock!  The object of this fast-paced game is to try to…


  • Batters Duel

    Batters Duel

    Dimensions: 9'W x 4.5'L x 6.5'H Show your dexterity and speed with this exciting game from Jumper Man Party Rentals!…