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Carnival Games

Carnival Games
  • BoomBlaster


    Cool Balloon popper Comes in a pair. New product, call for more information.



  • Axe Throw

    Axe Throw

    The classic Axe Throw is one of those events that everyone has always wanted to try, but most haven't had the opportun…

    $119.99 $99.99

    $119.99 $99.99

  • Ultimate Skills - Giant Connect Four

    Ultimate Skills - Giant Connect Four

    Our Giant 4 Connect is the blow up version of the classic table-top 4 in a row game. This giant game, however, can be pl…


  • Ultimate Skills - Giant Jenga

    Ultimate Skills - Giant Jenga

    Take the fun of game night to new heights with Giant Jenga. The stacking party game everyone knows and loves has been…


  • Plinko


    Another Carnival Favorite Classic game. Drop the discs through the top of the game board and watch them fall through the…



  • Boulder Roller Game

    Boulder Roller Game

    Here’s another classic carnival game that is sure to be a “rolling” good time! Players roll the balls up the icy …


  • Cornhole Game

    Cornhole Game

    This exciting bean bag game can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Players throw bean bags towards the round hole in the…


  • Hit The Bucket

    Hit The Bucket

    Toss the plastic ball into the bucket and win. Looks easy, but its hard. Great for all ages. This game is a table top…


  • Slam Dunk

    Slam Dunk

    Make as many ping pong balls in the basketball hoop and win. Only rule is that the ball has to bounce once off the floor…



  • Tic-Tac-Toe


    Land 3 in a row and win. Comes with 3 balls. Great for all ages. This game is a table top game and requires a table t…


  • Spill The Milk

    Spill The Milk

    Take aim and throw away by trying to knock down the milk bottles. Great for all ages. This game is a table top game a…


  • Duck Hunt Carnival Game

    Duck Hunt Carnival Game

    Knock down 3 ducks and win. Includes 6 bean bags. Great for all ages. This game is a table top game and requires a ta…


  • Balloon Pop

    Balloon Pop

    Safer than traditional dart games, Players compete to "pop" the balloons on the backdrop using magentic darts. Great for…


  • Sharp Shooter

    Sharp Shooter

    Throw a bean bag and knock the middle can ONLY to win. Comes with 3 cans and 6 bean bags Great for all ages. This gam…


  • Potty Toss

    Potty Toss

    Bring some laughs and fun to your event! Participants try to toss the ball inside the toilet seat and make it stay. Grea…



  • Colors Game

    Colors Game

    The objective of the game is to make two of three balls land on the same color. Great for all ages. This game is a ta…


  • Stand A Bottle

    Stand A Bottle

    Stand a bottle within the circle and only using a string with ring at the end. It's pretty hard. This game is a table…


  • Clown Tooth Knockout

    Clown Tooth Knockout

    Toss the bean bags and try to knock out all 3 teeth to the clown to win. Includes 6 bean bags. Great for all ages. Th…


  • Ring A Bottle

    Ring A Bottle

    Simple but very entertaining. Toss the plastic rings and have them stay in the neck of the bottles. The players that rin…


  • Fish in a Bowl

    Fish in a Bowl

    Toss ping pong balls into the fish bowls. Land 3 balls and win. Includes 6 ping pong balls. Great for all ages. This …


  • Down a Clown

    Down a Clown

    Knock down 3 clowns and win. Comes with 6 bean bags. Great for all ages. This game is a table top game and requires a…


  • Alien Autopsy Carnival Game

    Alien Autopsy Carnival Game

     Lets operate!! Steady hands are required for this surgery game. Players use the tongs to try to remove the various bod…


  • Ladder Toss Game

    Ladder Toss Game

    Space the game ladders about 15 feet apart and start tossing your bolas. Each player tosses all 3 bolas, then the …


  • Pirate Ring-Toss Game

    Pirate Ring-Toss Game

    Shiver me timbers! This Pirate Ring Toss game is a life size version of the classic hoop toss game, standing at over 3 …


  • Trunk Toss Game

    Trunk Toss Game

    Throw the rings and try to land them onto the elephant's trunk! This game includes (4) rubber rings.


  • Pig Feed-n-Time Game

    Pig Feed-n-Time Game

    These little piggys are ready to eat! Players toss bean bags in an attempt to feed the pigs by landing the bean bags ins…


  • Bull Rope-N Game

    Bull Rope-N Game

    Throw a Big Lasso around the bulls head or throw two small lasso's around the horns to catch him and win! This game i…


  • Freedom Ring-Toss Game

    Freedom Ring-Toss Game

    Players toss large rubber rings in an attempt to ring the eagle's arms or head. This game includes (4) rubber rings.…


  • Safari Ring-Toss Game

    Safari Ring-Toss Game

    Grab a ring and try to hook the giraffe! This game includes (4) rubber rings.


  • Quarter Toss Game

    Quarter Toss Game

    A quarter won’t buy much these days; however, it can win a prize. Pitch a “quarter” and land it on the plate t…


  • Duck Pond Carnival Game

    Duck Pond Carnival Game

    Pick up floating ducks as they circle in the water. Ducks are marked or color coded on the bottom to determine winners.…